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frequently-asked questions

We've collated a series of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you on your journey with Quantum Health.

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Who has access to my health records?

Only your clinician at Quantum Health will have access to your records. We recommend that you share any results or reports with your regular GP. With your permission, we are happy to share your records with your NHS doctor  and will respect your confidentiality at all times. We store your records securely on an online patient management system with multiple levels of security to prevent unauthorised access.

Will I have to pay for any prescriptions I am given?

If you book a consultation with Quantum Health, you will not be charged any additional fees for providing a private prescription. If you are not booking an appointment, we will charge you an administration fee for the prescription. You will have to pay the pharmacy for any medication and treatment that you are prescribed. We will give you an estimate of the cost of the medications/treatment but each pharmacy sets their own pricing for dispensing private prescriptions.

Will I always receive a prescription?

If required, your doctor will prescribe any relevant medication based on your clinical need. In some cases, you will not need any medication and no prescription will be written. If your doctor feels that you need a certain type of medication, you can indicate a preferred brand.

Will I be able to see the same doctor each time?

Wherever and whenever possible, we will always try and book an appointment with your usual doctor. If your doctor is on holiday or unavailable, we will offer you an appointment with another doctor.

Will I need additional tests?

If required and requested by your doctor, we are able to take blood tests, test urine samples and perform heart tracings (ECG) at our clinic. In some cases, if you require additional tests such as an X-Ray or scan, we will arrange this for you at a private hospital or clinic.

What if I need a referral?

We have established links with qualified consultants in a wide range of specialist areas. If required, we can arrange a private referral for you at a time that is good for you.

Dr Ali, we wish you well in your new appointment and are sorry to see you leave. My family and I are all in your debt for your help over the years."

- Dr Kashif Ali's patient

"Just want to say thank you for taking such good care of me. You always listen and you gave me the answers to questions others tried to avoid. Every blessing for the future."

- Dr Kashif Ali's patient

"I wish to thank you very much for all your help and support throughout the past few years where my health has been poor. Your caring, warmth and kindness has been much appreciated."

- Dr Kashif Ali's patient

My weight loss journey is not over but with Dr Haq in my corner, I know I’ll get to my ideal weight and stay there.

- Dr Usman Haq's patient

Dr Haq is a very understanding and caring doctor. He never rushes the appointments and he always shows his concern with a gentle approach.

- Dr Usman Haq's patient

Dr Haq is a very informative and motivational doctor. He has helped me cope with my psoriasis and overcome my mental health issues.

- Dr Usman Haq's patient