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Lose weight & feel great Quantum Health offers patients clinically proven, non-invasive treatments
that painlessly reduce inches and remove stubborn body fat.
Every little part of you matters
Our holistic approach to your health will ensure you are given
the time and support to achieve your health goals.
We'll take care of you Let us work around you. We offer both Face to Face and online
appointments at a time and place that's convenient for you
A new Private Medical Clinic Now open in the heart of Glasgow

Consult with a GP when you want to

With evening, weekend and lunchtime appointments, you can access health advice at a time and location that suits you. 

Healthcare for busy people and modern lives

Whether you want to have a consultation in person, via online video or phone, you decide how you want to see your GP.

Healthy & Sustainable Weight Loss

Ask us about our advanced weight loss treatments that provide you with long-term healthy solutions that work for you.

Our Treatments & Services

Weight Management
GP Services
Health Screenings
  • Weight Management

    lose weight & feel Great

    With a proven track record in weight loss and weight management, Quantum Health offers patients clinically proven, non-invasive treatments that painlessly reduce inches and remove stubborn body fat. Our holistic approach includes the innovative Saxenda & Verju laser treatments alongside access to dietician support, personal training, nutritionists & psychology. Book an introductory consultation today and find out more.

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  • GP Services


    Whether you require a prescription, onward private referral or just advice, we will listen and do our best to help. Choose your time and location and be reassured, you won’t feel rushed because every little part of you matters to us. Private GP Consultations start from just £60.

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  • Health Screenings

    a comprehensive range of blood tests and screening – DELIVERED QUICKLY

    Our patients have access to a comprehensive range of blood tests and screening, whenever and how often  you need them. These include, “MOT” type multi-system reviews, Men’s & Women’s health screenings, Cardiovascular & Diabetes risk assessments and Allergy testing. We also offer private COVID-19 PCR testing for travel purposes. Health Screenings start from just £250.

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  • Employment & Insurance Medicals


    For busy businesses and employees, we offer a convenient and accessible set of medicals with quick turnarounds. From International Travel and Visa medicals to Life insurance examinations and Pre-employment health screenings, you can rely on our friendly, responsive and professional service. Employee Medicals start from just £200.


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  • Travel Clinic

    Access to travel vaccinations and COVID-19 PCR testing before you travel.

    Before you travel to your chosen destination, our travel consultant will ensure an up-to-date check is made of your immunisation and medical requirements. We can provide medications and certification that you might need and don’t forget to ask about our “just in case” meds pack that you can take with you.


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Dr Ali, we wish you well in your new appointment and are sorry to see you leave. My family and I are all in your debt for your help over the years."

- Dr Kashif Ali's patient

"Just want to say thank you for taking such good care of me. You always listen and you gave me the answers to questions others tried to avoid. Every blessing for the future."

- Dr Kashif Ali's patient

"I wish to thank you very much for all your help and support throughout the past few years where my health has been poor. Your caring, warmth and kindness has been much appreciated."

- Dr Kashif Ali's patient

My weight loss journey is not over but with Dr Haq in my corner, I know I’ll get to my ideal weight and stay there.

- Dr Usman Haq's patient

Dr Haq is a very understanding and caring doctor. He never rushes the appointments and he always shows his concern with a gentle approach.

- Dr Usman Haq's patient

Dr Haq is a very informative and motivational doctor. He has helped me cope with my psoriasis and overcome my mental health issues.

- Dr Usman Haq's patient

Private Child Psychiatrist Glasgow

Our private child psychiatrist Glasgow will help your child and adolescent with their mental health issues, our private child psychiatrist Glasgow is based in our clinic Quantum Health, they will assess your child on a variety of issues and our private child psychiatrist Glasgow will offer and suggest solutions, medication and help in whatever format your child needs. From diagnosis of the autistic spectrum, general psychiatric assessment and ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) assessment our private child psychiatrist Glasgow is here to help and advise.

Our private physiotherapist Glasgow will help you with your musculoskeletal issues.  With a range of appointment times, day, evening and weekends, our private physiotherapist Glasgow service will find a time that works best for you.   Our private physiotherapist Glasgow specialises in Advanced musculoskeletal (MSK) therapies. Plantar fasciitis, sports injuries, rehabilitation let our private physiotherapist Glasgow help you and advise. Our private physiotherapist Glasgow will assist you in managing your back pain, knee pain and hip injuries.

Quantum Health have access to private psychiatrist consultants Glasgow, both for adults, children and adolescents. Our adult private psychiatrist consultants Glasgow specialises in diagnosis and treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.  The private psychiatrist consultants Glasgow also specialises in ADHD in adults, along with an interest in PTSD.  We can also help with bipolar disorder and general psychiatric assessment.  Let our private psychiatrist consultants Glasgow help you, offer diagnosis and rehabilitation.

If you are not able to come into Quantum Health, then we can advise you via online consultation.  Our dermatology consultation online service can help with any dermatological issues you may have. Having a dermatology consultation online will allow you to be seen over video chat so our dermatologist can examine your skin but at a time and place that suits you.   You also can live anywhere in the UK for our dermatology consultation online appointment.  A dermatology consultation online appointment can cover acne, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, skin tags, warts and moles.

All our consultations are personalised consultations Glasgow.  Our services are tailored to your needs through a personalised consultations Glasgow.  At Quantum Health our motto is ‘every little part of you matters’ and when you receive a personalised consultations Glasgow this motto becomes our agreement to you. At Quantum Health we offer health assessments, private GP, private medical, weight loss and travel clinic appointments. Our health assessments give an all over MOT for your health, the health assessments can be specialised to your own needs and requirements.

Our private GP appointments offer easy and fast access to a private GP appointment.  We can also link up with your NHS GP and send the notes from the private GP appointment to them, ensuring your health records are up to date.  The private GP will spend longer and deal with your priorities and importantly assist you in health promotion and disease prevention.

Our private medical services allow you to access the service you need easily and quickly. The private medical services we offer at Quantum Health range from GP appointments, health assessments, physiotherapy, psychiatry, rheumatology and dermatology.  We have a private medical service for your health needs. Private medical service at a time and location convenient to you that is approved by Health Improvement Scotland and provides access to GMC registered and indemnified professionals.

Our doctors and health care staff are experienced in helping with weight loss.  We take a structured approach to the weight loss journey, and we realise how hard it can be to achieve weight loss and the other factors in overall health that can affect the weight loss journey. We work with you to achieve maximum weight loss whilst feeling well and in control.

Travel has never been more complicated than it is now, let our travel clinic help take some of the stress away.  Our travel clinic offers advice on travel vaccinations, covid-19 testing, and general travel clinic advice.  Our travel clinic is run by our nurse practitioner who offers her expert advice for your travel needs. Enjoy your holiday and don’t stress about vaccinations and anti-malarials once you have attended our travel clinic.