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Quantum Health
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Our Services

Our medical services are dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare solutions and personalized care to meet the diverse needs of our patients. With a team of highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals, we offer a comprehensive range of medical services designed to promote wellness, prevent diseases, and treat various medical conditions.

At Quantum Health Glasgow, we understand that employee health and well-being is a top priorities for businesses.

Travel Clinic

The world of travel has never been more confusing; let our Glasgow travel clinics assist in reducing some of the stress.

Weight Management

Quantum Health provides clients with clinically supported, non-invasive weight loss and control methods with a successful track record.

Gp Services

Numerous healthcare professionals, including doctors who provide a wide range of medical services, are located in Glasgow.

Health Screening

Our patients can get various blood tests and screenings for their health whenever and however often they would like.

Insurance Medicals

We provide a convenient and accessible set of medicals with speedy turnarounds for busy businesses and employees.


We're living through very difficult times, and it is very common for the people to be feeling low Self-esteemed, sad, or depressed.


Our cardiovascular and diabetes risk assessment tests in Glasgow checks will help explain your risk of developing.

Blood Test

Access to quick and discreet private blood tests in Glasgow for necessary blood tests, including cholesterol and blood count.


With early access to a professional, our Rheumatologist can evaluate your uncomfortable, stiff, swollen joints and aching muscles.

Skin Care

Please make an appointment with our private skin care professional in Glasgow and get a customized consultation to avoid lengthy wait periods.

Treatment & Fees

At Quantum Health, we take a fresh, holistic, and person-centered approach to treating our patients for Weight Loss and letting them live a healthy life.


Unlock optimal health with our expert physiotherapy services for musculoskeletal issues, injuries, chronic pain and rehabilitation needs.


Experience expert dermatology services tailored for the skin health of our British clientele, offering consultations and treatments by skilled dermatologists for skin conditions and cosmetic procedures.

Ear Wax Removal

Ensure optimal ear health with our expert ear wax removal services, employing safe techniques for precision and patient comfort, tailored to the specific needs of our British clientele.

Adult Psychiatry

Our adult psychiatry services provide comprehensive assessments and evidence-based treatments for mental well-being, prioritizing patient-centered care and personalized recovery plans.


Our rheumatology services diagnose and manage musculoskeletal and autoimmune conditions, emphasizing comprehensive care and improved quality of life for British patients.

Sexual Health

Empower your sexual health with our services, providing confidential and non-judgmental care. From screenings to counseling, we prioritize your well-being in a safe and open environment


Experience therapeutic cupping at Quantum Health for relaxation, reduced tension, and overall well-being, blending ancient practices with modern, tailored care for our British audience.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

At Quantum Health, our child and adolescent psychiatry services offer assessments, counseling, and evidence-based treatments in a safe, nurturing environment, supporting young minds through mental health challenges.

Face-to-Face GP Appointments

Experience tailored face-to-face GP appointments at Quantum Health, offering personalized healthcare for routine checkups, specific health concerns, and chronic conditions with our expertise for the British audience.